Remote Desktop (RDP) Color Depth Setting on Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with updgraded [ downgraded I might say 🙂 ] version of remote desktop (RDP) client.

I used to connect to remote machines using 256 colors, when I was using XP and Vista. But, couldn’t do the same on Windows 7 RDP client as it has 32 bit, 24 bit, 16 bit and 15 bit options only under color depth settings. However there’s a solution to this problem.

Create and save a new RDP session and open it with Notepad. Now find the line saying :

session bpp:i:16

or it may have these values (32, 24, 15)

Change it to :

session bpp:i:8

Save the file and try to connect to remote machine now using this saved session.

It worked for me,  hopefully it will do for you as well 🙂

Skyfire mobile browser launched for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones

Skyfire has finally launched its mobile browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones. I’ve been waiting for a long time to get it for my iMate-JAMin. I’ve been using Opera Moile for almost last 2 years and I am satisfied with it.

Skyfire Nokia

Skyfire supports Flash 10 (so you have full access to YouTube), Javascript and AJAX, so you get compatibility with sites such as Gmail and Facebook. Microsoft’s Silverlight 2.0 standard is also on the checklist.

Skyfire uses server-side compression for fast page load times. You can zoom into the page using either the keyboard or tapping your device’s touchscreen. We can also customize the start page with RSS feeds, twitter account and facebook etc.

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