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Microsoft Officially Ceases Windows XP Sales

Yesterday, on June 30 2008, Microsoft officially ceased sales of Windows XP to all major retailers and PC manufactures like Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.

Sadly even the great Save XP movement couldn’t bring about any change in Microsoft’s decision to prolong
Windows XP lifetime so the question now is whether if Windows XP is really going to disappear after June 30?

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Microsoft Launches UltimatePC (beta)

Microsoft launched UltimatePC which is their new website where Microsoft will be hosting “blueprints” of the best PCs available and exactly what you can achieve with them.

There is a small section at UltimatePC.com called “Ultimate Exclusives”. According to Microsoft these are not replacing Ultimate Extras. The reason given for the poor amount of extras is the high amount of testing and quality required for them to ship.

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