Firefox Beer oClock extension

Beer day is the day of the week where you go out with the guys from work. More often than not it’s Friday afternoon. The Beer oClock extension for Firefox puts a little reminder about that special time of the week in the Firefox status bar. Not the usual “x days y hours till Beer Day” but funny ones like 3500 lines of code ’til beer o’clock” or 10 ridiculous questions from clients ’til beer o’clock”.

It is even possible to add your own message to customize the add-on. The settings can be set to a specific day and time of the day until the office beer o’clock. The user can select the interval between messages that are shown and there is even a “getting close” period in which the reminders are displayed more frequently.

beer oclock

That’s definitely a fun way to spend the days in the office. I would probably either add dozens of new messages or change the interval to display a message to once or twice a day instead.

[ via gHacks ]

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