5 Essential Firefox 3 Add-ons

While it is definitely true that some add-ons get a wider coverage and more downloads than others it is still a fact that each Firefox user had his own share of add-ons that he considers essential. This can be mostly attributed to different motives in using Firefox. A web developers is using a different set of add-ons than someone who loves to surf on video portals or social networks.

There is still some common ground, add-ons that are used by most of the Firefox community, or at least the part that knows that add-ons are available to extent the browser. Most users would call them essential but there will be some who will question the addition of one or the other add-on in the list.

The list contains some brand new add-ons like the Searchery add-on that can only be downloaded if the user has an account at Mozilla. Most will probably be known by most of you but I have added some that will be new as well.

Adblock Plus – This one blocks lots of advertisements and although I make my living from those I recommend this add-on. It’s possible to add websites to a white list which means that ads on that site will not be blocked. I do that for websites that I like so that they earn from my visits.

Edit Middle 2
– The awesome bar (location bar) in Firefox 3 is not typo friendly. If you happen to write mozzilla instead of mozilla you will not get results in the bar if you remove the second z in the misspelled word. This add-on corrects that behavior.

No Script
– No Script is installed in my secure Firefox profile. It basically removes scripts from any site that is not in the white list.

– Searchery adds Google search to the Firefox location bar which means that it is possible to get rid of the search bar in the right if Google is your main search engine.

Video DownloadHelper
– Probably the best video downloader for Firefox. It supports many websites and uses a general detection routine which means it works on pretty much any video portal.

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