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Skyfire mobile browser launched for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones

Skyfire has finally launched its mobile browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones. I’ve been waiting for a long time to get it for my iMate-JAMin. I’ve been using Opera Moile for almost last 2 years and I am satisfied with it.

Skyfire Nokia

Skyfire supports Flash 10 (so you have full access to YouTube), Javascript and AJAX, so you get compatibility with sites such as Gmail and Facebook. Microsoft’s Silverlight 2.0 standard is also on the checklist.

Skyfire uses server-side compression for fast page load times. You can zoom into the page using either the keyboard or tapping your device’s touchscreen. We can also customize the start page with RSS feeds, twitter account and facebook etc.

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Creating Windows XP CD With Integrated SP3

Today my Windows XP cd was giving “cyclic redundancy” error 🙂 That’s why I tried to create a new bootable copy. I googled and found this article in CDBurnerXP’s KB.

1st of all I downloaded nLite We can customize our XP cd using nLite. It can help you in integrating service packs, removing extra programs, services etc.

I had the XP SP2 source available on my hard disk. I made following changes to make it comfortable for me to install XP easily and quickly

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Linux for the kids: LinuxWorld Install Fest

Over the last few years, LinuxWorld has become the trade show for Linux, the business, rather than Linux, the community. This year, the show will include a blast from the past as it will include a massive install-fest.

Untangle, an open-source network gateway company, is sponsoring the 1,000 plus computer install-fest. This “Installfest for Schools of 2008” will take place in the exhibit hall of the LinuxWorld Conference August 4-7 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The even is also being sponsored by LinuxWorld and the ACCRC (Alameda County Computer Resource Center ) with additional support from Ubuntu, Canonical, and Mozilla.

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Netlimiter 2 Monitor

Do you know which applications and processes connect to the Internet on your computer ? If you use a firewall chance is that you had to define rules to allow certain programs the right to connect to the Internet. Sometimes however users think of this as a burden and use low security settings to prevent that they are
being pestered all day with questions from their Firewall.

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Online Calculator eCalc

Every operating system comes with a calculator that provides access to basic arithmetic functions and probably some additional ones like base conversions and some functions of a scientific calculator. They usually do lack some features like a history function in combination with an option to use results from history for new calculations.

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