Creating Windows XP CD With Integrated SP3

Today my Windows XP cd was giving “cyclic redundancy” error 🙂 That’s why I tried to create a new bootable copy. I googled and found this article in CDBurnerXP’s KB.

1st of all I downloaded nLite We can customize our XP cd using nLite. It can help you in integrating service packs, removing extra programs, services etc.

I had the XP SP2 source available on my hard disk. I made following changes to make it comfortable for me to install XP easily and quickly

  1. Integrated Service Pack 3
  2. Removed “Windows Messenger”
  3. Removed “MSN Explorer”
  4. Removed “Games”
  5. Changed the default windows theme to classic ( I like it that way 😉 )
  6. Added CD Key
  7. Selected the default time zone

    Here are the steps to create the iso :

    • Install nLite
    • Run the application, select your preferred language and click “Next”
    • Now in the next screen you’ll have to select your XP source. It can either be the XP cd or from hard disk.
    • If you select the source as XP cd, it will ask you where you want to copy these files.
    • It will automatically determine the XP and the service pack version. Now click “Next”
    • In the next screen you’ll see many options. Select your desired options and click “Next”
    • If you have selected to integrate the Service Pack, it will ask you select the SP file from your hd. As soon as you select the Service Pack file, it will start splitstreaming. After the integration is done, click “Next”
    • If you have selected more options, it will take to the components screen. Here you can remove unwanted components. After selecting the components you want to remove, click “Next”
    • If you have selected unattended setup, it will take you to these settings. Here you can put your CD key, alter system restore settings, change default username, add computer name, workgroup / domain, your details etc. You can also select your time zone, change regional settings add network card settings and many more.
    • In next screen you can select system related options i.e. modifying TCP/IP connection, changing default windows installation directory, UxthemePatch etc. When you are done selecting your desired options click “Next”
    • Now you’ll have a window to do some tweaking. When you are finished click “Next”
    • It will ask now if you want to start the process.
    • After it is done, click “Next”
    • In this windows you can create an “iso” by clicking on “Make ISO” button.

      2 thoughts on “Creating Windows XP CD With Integrated SP3”

      1. It good, but i want to add Mzila firefox, office 2007 in my xp cd, so it can add this softwares at the time of os instoletion.., so how can i do this plz give solution Thanks

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