Firefly plugin turns Firefox into an advanced file manager

If you spend all day sitting at a computer with your web browser open, you might have an aversion to minimizing your browser to perform simple tasks like managing files on your hard drive. Fortunately there’s a Firefox add-on that can help. Firefly adds a full-featured file manager to Firefox. And when we say full featured, we mean it. Firefly includes a bunch of features that you won’t find in Windows Explorer. Here are just a few:

  • Split the window horizontally or vertically. Add as many windows as you’d like
  • Image previews for audio, video, PDF, and image docuements
  • Filter display using regular expressions or wildcards
  • Search the current folder and subfolders
  • Create keyboard shortcuts
  • Use the Firefox or Internet Explorer rendering engine (when using IETab)

You also get all the usual features you’d expect from a file manager including the ability to copy, cut, and paste files from one folder to another.

[ via downloadsquad ]

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