Firefox 3 – A Browser That Works

The latest version of Firefox is a welcome upgrade to most browsers. The reduced system resources load and improved rendering engine (making pages load significantly faster ) is well worth the upgrade by itself.

Firefox 3 looks slightly different than its predecessor (minor changes to the user interface similar to the minor changes from version 1 to version 2). However, in version 3 the browser buttons and window frames have been redesigned to conform with the look of whichever OS you’re running—Windows XP, Vista, Macintosh, or Linux.

One of the many new features is a “suggestion bar.” As you type a web address Firefox will suggest a URL for you…very handy for those long web addresses. Also if you type in a search term and the search is high enough it will take you directly to the site as opposed to giving you a list of search items (I tested it by typing go daddy and was immediately taked to Very handy features.

One of Firefox’s more infamous components – plugins – has also had a face lift, making management of add-on and extions a breeze.

Another management feature is the less obtrusive password manager. Unlike most browsers, Firefox 3 places a button at the top of the browser asking if it needs to remember the pasword entered. After 15 seconds it leaves assuming you do not want the password saved. A very welcome feature.

A unique feature with Firefox 3 is that you can now specify a webmail account (Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) without a POP address as the target for email links!

All in all with it’s stramlined interface, standards compliance, faster rendering, and low operating system resources…Firefox 3 is worth the download/upgrade.

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