How to install Internet Explorer on Ubuntu

This article describes how to install internet explorer on ubuntu. Internet Explorer is necessary for certain class of users, especially web developers and designer. For these users, they need to test their web pages on internet explorer, since majority of the users still use IE. So people who use linux still log in to windows machine for IE. Here is an oppurtunity to move those kind of user completely to Linux.


For security reasons, it is not advisable to use Internet Explorer for secured browsing. Use it only for testing web pages developed by you.

Installing dependencies

sudo apt-get install wine cabextract binfmt-support

Installing IE4Linux

tar xvfz ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
cd cd ies4linux-*

Now the below screen will guide you what versions need to be installed, where the launchers should go. If can enable installation of IE7, which is experimental in the advanced options. Now click OK to continue installing.

The installation starts downloading necessary files from microsoft website.

After installing, the short cut appears on the desktop or whatever options you have choosed earlier. Now its ready to use IE and test your web pages.

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