Microsoft Officially Ceases Windows XP Sales

Yesterday, on June 30 2008, Microsoft officially ceased sales of Windows XP to all major retailers and PC manufactures like Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.

Sadly even the great Save XP movement couldn’t bring about any change in Microsoft’s decision to prolong
Windows XP lifetime so the question now is whether if Windows XP is really going to disappear after June 30?


The simple answer is NO!. It has been around for almost seven years and it will be there for seven more as Microsoft plans to provide support for Windows XP until 2014.

Below is a fact-sheet which highlights some of the key points about the future of Windows XP.

  1. As of June 30 2008, Microsoft has officially ceased Windows XP sales to all retailers.
  2. Sales of all 13 Windows XP products will be discontinued (Windows XP Product Lifecycle).
  3. Microsoft plans to provide support for Windows XP until 2014.
  4. You can still buy Windows XP pre-loaded on PCs and laptops but only until January 2009.
  5. Mainstream support will continue through April 2009 while Extended support will continue until April 2014.

More detailed information about these facts can be found on Windows XP: The Future.

[ via Sizlopedia ]

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