Netlimiter 2 Monitor

Do you know which applications and processes connect to the Internet on your computer ? If you use a firewall chance is that you had to define rules to allow certain programs the right to connect to the Internet. Sometimes however users think of this as a burden and use low security settings to prevent that they are
being pestered all day with questions from their Firewall.

Netlimiter 2 Monitor is a sweet software that displays all open processes and applications on the system detailing their incoming and outgoing bandwidth along with ports, IP addresses and process numbers. That’s basically the same amount of information that my previous favorite Currports is displaying.

The first difference is that Netlimiter Monitor has a history function where it is displaying which applications connected to the Internet before on your system. Great for quickly checking out if an app is among the list that should not be there.

Traffic Stats

It’s definitely a great application if you want to evaluate the bandwidth usage of a process or software. I used it to keep an eye on Skype to see if my computer was used as a Skype supernode.

The Pro version of Netlimiter adds some interesting functions like Traffic Shaping, Network support, Network Tools like Whois and Traceroute, Remote Administration and Advanced Rules.

[ via gHacks ]

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