Set Download Folders in Firefox

You can configure Firefox to download files to one specific folder on your hard drive. If you want to save a file in another location you have to browse your computer and pick the location manually which can be quite a task for someone who likes to sort the downloaded files properly during download.

is a Firefox add-on that adds so called Favorite Locations to the download option in Firefox. Favorite Locations are folders on a hard drive that have been added to the add-on previously. This makes it a breeze to download files in different folders without having to browse your hard drive anytime you
change the folders.

By default FavLoc is available in the Image and Link Context Menu, the File Menu and the Download Prompt and there is even support for Thunderbird which extends the functionality to attachments.

download favorites

The image above displays a right-click context menu of an image. Four different download folders have been added to Fav Loc where the image can be saved to more speedily. The user still has the option to use the Save As dialog to save it to another location on his hard drive.

set download folders firefox

The Download Prompt looks pretty much the same except for the fact that the favorite download folders are selected in a pulldown menu in the prompt.

[ via gHacks ]

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