The different types of IP Pointing Zone records

Record types:

A records are for pointing a subdomain of your domain name (we have used domainname.com as the example domain name in place of your domain name) [whatever].domainname.com at a specific IP address. For example use this to make home.domainname.com point at your home machine’s IP address.
CNAME records are for making [whatever].domainname.com an alias for another name.
MX records are for specifying where mail should be delivered for [whatever].domainname.com.
NS records are for specifying the name server(s) for [whatever].domainname.com for making sub domains.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an area on the Internet which identifies your company, organization, a particular product or service.

Domain names were originally established to make computer addresses easier to remember. On the Internet each computer has it’s own numeric address similar to post codes. Numeric address [ ] is more difficult to remember than www.abc.com

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