HOW TO debug Javascript in Safari 3.1 on Windows

If you are targeting your web application for Safari users and also want to make sure your JavaScript code is cross-browser, how can you check for any JavaScript errors on that browser?

It can be done by activating the Develop menu (which is disabled by default) and picking the Show Error Console option (similar to Tools menu > Error Console option in Firefox).

Firefox 3.0.1 fixes blended-threat vulnerability

Mozilla has updated Firefox to 3.0.1 (and for those still using Firefox 2): both updates containing critical security and stability updates.

You might remember the “carpet-bombing” vulnerability discovered last month that affected Internet Explorer and Safari for Windows: Turns out Firefox was vulnerable, too. Security researcher Billy Rios found the problem, but disclosed it only to Mozilla. (Mac users remain unaffected.)

Placing links in Firefox on MySpace blogs

This is a short tutorial how to insert links into your blog post using MySpace blog editor on OS X in Firefox. It’s pretty verbose as I tried to see if I can write a detailed tutorial. It’s a quick republish of the blog on my MySpace blog, as I’m not sure if everyone can see it there. For more technical audience of this blog, just ignore this post :)

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